Women prefer a bearded man. Is it true?

All men want to know what women desire. And when it comes to getting a beard, which is now a style statement, mostly men are confused whether or not to keep a beard. My advice to men is to grow a beard only when they are able to manage it and looks good on them. And yes, most women do prefer bearded men. There are numerous resources which show that women are more attracted towards bearded men for both short and long-term relationships.

Why women prefer bearded men?

  • Dear men, we women crave for someone who can make us feel feminine, and when you have a good beard (well-trimmed), we feel good. In short, you look sexually attractive, and we feel cared for.
  • But not ‘just beard,’ it has to be perfectly trimmed, only then young women can’t take their eyes off you.
  • Without a beard, you are neat, but with a beard, you are awesome, cool and sexy of course.

Beard gives you a masculine look; it is the thing which differentiates a boy and a man. It shows that you are mature and grown up, no matter how immature and childish you are.

  • With a beard, you look independent, adventurous, and sturdy. Suddenly with a beard, you become someone who is being stared in metro or office because of his confident look.
  • You must not be knowing that running fingers across your beard is so much fun and feels romantic too. And kissing a man with a beard is also a different kind of experience that most girls want to feel.
  • Now you men say that women look beautiful by applying layers of makeup, but beard actually does the same for you. It covers your flaws.
  • Sometimes beard compliments your hairstyles and makes you look more dashing.

Guys, you look hotter and effortlessly sexy with that beard. 

But individually there are preferences. Your girlfriend may be loving your beard, but your mother may want to see you cleanly shaved. No, you have to manage.

But before growing beard, think and see how you will actually look, because, the way, not all the ladies look beautiful with red lipstick, similarity, not all men look handsome with a beard. Grow a beard, when it goes with your personality, not just to impress a girl.

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