Straight Razor kit review

Are you going to throw your straight razor kit out of your house forever? Well, wait a minute. Before you are going to throw your straight razor kit once throw this article. Maybe you change your mind about straight razor kit and in turn include it to your grooming kit.

Agreed straight razor kit was used by your great grandfathers for shaving, but today they are making a comeback. It is certainly more than nostalgia. Weird but true. Straight razors offer a variety of benefits over modern day disposable razors.

First of all, straight razors believe it or not but offer the best and the closest of all types of shavers whether electric or disposable. Disposable ones are the ones which are the causes of five o’clock shadow and skin irritation so if you are troubled by it, the dump of your disposables and keep back the electric ones in your shelve. Not only are safety razor shaving is smooth and much better than disposables, but also look classy and steal the show.

Moreover they are just one time investments. After initial costs you need not spend anything, a straight razor will save you lots of money while saving the environment from more plastic. So you are also making a small contribution from your side to the protection of the environment. Once you’re set up with a straight razor, that’s it. Forget those ridiculously expensive cartridges. No more double edge blades. Nothing of those useless triple layer packaging, just an excellent, worthy blade.

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What’s more is the great feeling you get after the slow, meditative process of shaving that you can get only throw this straight razor kit.

So are you convinced to give it a try?? Great! But listen before you go to the nearby outlet, here’s a piece of advice for you. You can end up buying a wrong one, and that will be a disastrous waste of money. But do not worry when we will be at your helm. We bring you straight edge razor kit that will certainly serve your purpose. No need to browse for straight razor kit for beginners or straight blade razor kit, just go through the article, and you will get your straight razor kit cheap. So here you go –

FREE LOGIC Double Edge Safety Razor Kit with Stand

The first in the list straight razor kit is FREE LOGIC Double Edge Safety Razor Kit with Stand. It isa a High Quality, Sleek, Ergonomic, Precision Shaving Tool that you can rely on.


COMFORT AND PRECISION – Absolute key when using a Traditional Double Edge Razor! Extra-long handles solid design makes a huge difference to the performance and feels when using the razor to give a balanced action generating the trust and reassurance of using a quality professional tool when faced daily with such an intimate task.

EASE AND PRACTICALITY – Double-Edged Razor Kit comes complete with a sleek contemporary razor stand ideal for keeping order and elegance at the shaving station keeping upright and protecting that all important razor’s edge.

MINIMAL FUSS BLADE CHANGE – Ergonomic butterfly design with the simplest of twists at the base of the handle the razor blade ready for a new replacement

SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – Free logic’s traditional Double-Edged Butterfly Razor Kit is backed by the manufacturer 30-day satisfaction Guarantee with one year free manufacturer replacement warranty.


Brush hair excellent

Beautiful design


Heavy blade

Blade to be resharpen

Straight Razor – Shaving Kit 100 Shark Razor Blades

Another in the list of straight razor kit is Straight Razor – Shaving Kit 100 Shark Razor. Classic Necessity’s Stainless Steel Straight Edge Razor comes with a free Starter Guide for setting up your razor. Whether you are tired of disposable razors or just want that smooth, close shave, our razors for men will not disappoint you. You can see for yourself why we’ve chosen this particular barber straight razor and blade in our straight razor list for professionals. Moreover, it has included 50 straight edge razor blades, double edge replacement razor blades for you, giving you a total of 100 replacement blades! These razors are the perfect gifts for men and men’s beard care.


FIRST TIME? – She’ll never know. Our Shaving Kit Starter Guide will show you all the right moves.

SHAVE LIKE A MAN- Get that Barber Clean Shave she can’t resist. For you Lumberjack Men Keep your Beard Trimmed and sharp, forget that complicated Beard Trimming Kit. There is a reason your local Barber Supplies do not include Disposable Razors.

MEN WERE MEANT TO STRAIGHT SHAVE – Your Classic Necessity Razor Kit comes with 50 Double edge shaving blades that will keep you looking like a Fresh Shaven Greek God for up to a year.

HIGH QUALITY – Stainless Steel Straight Razor Shaving Kit is an absolute necessity for your survival gear and is rust & tarnish free. Our high-quality Shavette is needed to master The Art of Shaving. If you’ve ever used a Safety Razor, you will love the close, smooth Barber Quality Shave you can get with our Straight Razor.

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Good looks


Bit expensive.

Smaller Size

Classic Samurai CS-102 Stainless Steel Professional Barber Straight Edge Razor

Classic Samurai CS-102 Professional straight edge barber razor is made from genuine surgical grade stainless steel! So it was a no-brainer for us to include it in straight blade razor list. Perfect for Barbershop and Personal Usage, it has rounded exposure at the end of the blade compartment helps to minimize cuts.


Genuine Surgical Grade Stainless Steel

Great Quality for Barbershop and Personal Usage

Exchangeable Blade Technology allows removing old or rusty blades to replace with fresh ones

Smooth Handle, Minimizes Cuts

Comes in a Plastic Pouch for Protection


Surgical grade blades

Good Quality



Blades to resharpen

Parker SRX Heavy Duty Professional 100% Stainless Steel Straight Edge Barber Razor kit

Here’s an another in the straight blade razor list and this one is from Parker, Parker SRX Heavy Duty Professional 100% Stainless Steel Straight Edge Barber Razor. For over 40 years, Parker Safety Razor has engineered the world’s finest shaving gear, and classic men are grooming accessories.

They have been a leader in safety razor innovation and design, ensuring that each of their products is manufactured to the highest standards. Parker Safety Razor offers an unparalleled line of straight barber razors. These beautifully designed razors allow a barber to easily change a blade between clients and provide luxury shaves with an instrument that mimics a traditional straight razor. Unlike traditional straight razors, there never is any sharpening or stropping required.

Parker’s Shavette razors are used in barbershops and shave parlors worldwide. The unique “clip to close” mechanism on this razor keeps the razor blade securely in place and perfectly aligned. Unlike most shavettes, our Parker SRX razor has a heavyweight stainless steel blade arm in addition to a stainless steel handle – not lower quality aluminum. Many have told us that our shavette razors perform just like a straight razor — except that there is no honing or sharpening required


A Heavy Duty Razor Designed for Professionals – Heavyweight Steel Blade Arm, and Scales – Weighs 2.3 Ounces

Rounded exposure at the end of the blade compartment to minimize cuts

Clip/Lock blade holder along with inserts to ensure secure blade insertion.

Accepts barbershop single edge blades or 1/2 double edge blade – Comes with 5 Shark Super Stainless Half Blade


Good looks

Good Quality



Tad expensive

Parker SR1 Straight Edge Razor Shave Set

Here’s another straight blade razor from Parker, Parker SR1 Straight Edge Razor Shave Set. Each component in this Parker SR1 Shave Set has been perfectly matched for a beautiful appearance and premium performance.


Genuine Stainless Steel Parker SR1 Disposable Blade Straight Edge Barber Razor has a stainless steel blade arm and handles of the highest quality. Designed for professional and barbershop use, this razor has a snap lock to secure the blade in place, as well as many other features found only in high-end models.

Deluxe Parker handmade 100% Pure Badger Bristle shave brush with chrome handle. This brush is soft, dense and creates a fabulous lather!

Deluxe Parker Chrome Straight Razor & Shaving Brush Stand – ALL metal design with heavyweight base – Deluxe chrome stand designed specifically for straight, shavette, and barber razors. For use with all standard size shaving brushes (with 20-25mm brush knots). Ensures proper brush drying and razor storage…beautiful and functional!

100 Shark Super Stainless steel half blades for professional straight edge barber razors. These blades fit all standard straight edge razors that take half a double edge blade.  Each blade has been precisely sized and honed to fit standard barber straight razors and to deliver the highest quality shave possible.

This set will impress both novice and experienced wet shavers alike.  If you’re looking for a barbershop shave at home or a great gift, this set will hit the mark!


Brand assurance

Great baldes



Tad expensive


Question: What is the razors length?

Answer: The length of the razor handle from the base to the razors head measures a generous 11.5cm. The head itself measuring at 4.5cm x 2.5cm.

Question: What metal is the safety razor made of?

Answer: The razor itself is made from a solid high-end zinc alloy material with chrome plate finish.

Question: How many replacement blades does it come with?

Answer: The Kit comes complete with 5x stainless Japanese steel blades and also a handy blade storage holder for fresh and used blades.

Question: Can they remove chin hair?

Answer: You can even cut your pubic hair so…yes you can.


What’s more is that you get straight razor kit cheap this time. Just search out straight edge razor, and you will find straight razor kits for sale.

With this, we come to the end of our list for the straight razor kit. We have brought you the best straight razor kit for beginners available and tried to clarify every query and have provided every possible piece of information.  We hope this review comes of help to you and you know better as to which straight razor kit you should buy. Do let us know your experience and how you’re enjoying the straight razor kit. We will also love to help you if you have further queries. We bid adieu to you on this note today. Until next time! Sayonara!!!

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