Top 5 Cool Facts About Beard That You Can’t Afford To Miss

I remember my elder brother when in his initial teen years, used to shave every other day in spite of not having one strand of hair on his face. According to him, this placebo shaving promoted beard growth, and he would have beard soon. It was foolish of him to believe in such myths, but he was only a child. But today, I have brought forward five facts about beard that are genuinely true and won’t deceive you the way that shaving myth had.

  • Beards grow faster in the summer than in winter. Yes. Even though it is more ideal to have a thick beard in winter days to have a nice warm coating on your face. Your body feels otherwise. This so happens because in the winters, the hormones such as testosterone and dihydrotestosterone, which essentially give a man his manly features, decrease in number and thus the beard growth is halted. And the exact opposite happens in the summertime and the growth suddenly amps up.
  • Amateur athletes are usually forbidden to keep a beard if they play contact sports like wrestling or boxing. This is a very logically correct step. This is done so that nobody can pull each other’s beards while playing a match. As one becomes more accustomed to the workings of the matches, they can keep a beard as they would then know how to protect it.
  • In ancient Rome, it was a custom not to cut beard if a family member died. Unlike most of the cultures which promote shaving off all facial and scalp hair. The ancient Romans did precisely the opposite. They stopped cutting their hair and beard altogether when a person died. People used to do so to show that they were grief-stricken.
  • Beards protect you from pollen and dust allergy. The thick layer of facial hair doesn’t only serve the good looks purpose, the layer of facial hair also prevents dust or pollens from reaching you and therefore prevents potential allergies and rashes.
  • Beards prevent ageing. Well maybe not. But they indeed avoid the visible signs of ageing to show on your face. No wrinkles or saggy skin or blemishes can be seen under a beard. Not only this, beards also protect you from the harmful UV rays and block potential skin diseases from developing.

Well, this is all that I have for you today. But it is assured that these facts are entirely correct and would only help you. Not deceive you. On this note, I bid you adieu. Lots and lots of good wishes.

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