Best Ways to Trim and Shape Your Beard

Beard is a trend; the beard is a style statement. And having a perfectly trimmed beard is essential if you want to grow it and want to look really attractive.

But how to trim?

It is recommended to visit a good barber, but if that is not possible, then here is a short guide for you, so that you can do it yourself. 

  1. A. Using trimmer
  • Before starting to trim your beard, you need to clean it properly, so that your beard is clean, non-oily and dry. So, wash your beard with a mild shampoo, dry it with a towel. Then comb your beard, straight starting from the ear moving towards the chin.
  • When your beard is completely dry, get your trimmer, and a pair of clippers and guards. You may buy clippers and trimmer online.
  • Now turn the trimmer on, and gently trim each side of the face using long strokes.
  • Be very attentive while trimming near the nose or chin.
  • Trim along your neckline to give a perfect finishing.
  • All done! Clean your trimmer and clippers to save them for next trimming session.
  • Do not forget to use beard oil after trimming.

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  1. B. Trimming using scissors and comb. 
  • Using scissors is a difficult job as it requires a skilled hand. Start with selecting a sharp and clean (rust-free) pair of scissors.
  • Take a comb and use it as a guide. Comb downwards and expose the amount of hair you want to trim.
  • Trim all the hair you which is outside the comb’s teeth.

(Begin with trimming the short amount of hair)

  • Repeat the process until you get the desired length of the beard.
  • Keep combing, again and again, to check that you have trimmed evenly.
  • Once done, apply beard oil.

With this, you are ready for your day. 

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