Amazing beard styles for men

Beard styles

A great thing about beard – you can change the way you look. Growing a beard is easy but maintaining it is not so easy. What is tougher is to choose a beard style. This article is going to help you in your selection of perfect beard style. 

There are some points to be kept in mind while selecting a style.

Grow your beard out and see what you can do with it. When you have a long beard, you have more options.

Beard defines your face; it has the power to change your look. So, identify the type of face you have, such as round, diamond, oval, etc.

Your facial features, including cheekbone, jawline, and your skin type also matters.

Your beard style should always compliment your hairstyle.


For square face:

Royale Beard/ Royal Goatee: Moustache anchored by chin strip.

Petite Goatee: It elongates the chin.

For round face:

Van Dyke Beard:  This is a full goatee and a floating mustache.

Anchor Beard: This kind of beard traces the jawline and is very pointed.

For oval face:

Men with an oval face can try any beard style.

3-Day Stubble Beard: It gives you a manly style, without growing a full beard.

Horseshoe Moustache: It is like a mustache, extending towards the chin.

For rectangular face:

Chin strip: It’s a vertical line of beard across the chin.

Chin strap: No mustache, only beard that circles the chin.

These were some of the styles, choose your beard style accordingly.

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