Beard Butter – All you need to know

In this article, we gonna talk about Beard Butter which is essential to growing your beard. There was a point when human beings did not have any methods of grooming themselves. Back in the primitive days when the wheel was invented, men had to live with hair wherever it grew. And with time, grooming came into the scenario and made men look more civilized. And in the early medieval times through the early 18th century, beards were considered uncivilized and were thought of to be vagabondish and negative in general. But they are subtly and finally making a comeback and are succeeding at gaining the approval and admiration of the majority.

Almost everyone loves beards and appreciate how they look. But the one real problem in this regard is growing and maintaining these beards. Sure it is facial hair, and it will grow inevitably in men. But the way it is growing, how thick it is, and how healthful it is are criteria that must be satisfied. If not, then the beard is almost as good as not being there at all. Now, what can be done on the men’s part in order to assure proper and healthy growth of their beards? Well, Beard butter is an excellent product which can be used for serving this purpose, and it is ensured that beard butter would do wonders for you!

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This was a blissful and fantastic experience to use the Maestros classic mark of man beard butter. The feel of it on the skin is so light! I live in a very hot and humid country, and it is inherently robust for me to deal with the sticky, oily beard products. But if I don’t use these products, my beard acts up and looks nasty. This product came as a blessing to me, and I recommend it to everyone!



Entirely in love with the product! I have seen noticeable changes in my beard and it is on the positive side of the spectrum! The beard butter is refreshing and makes my beard so much softer. I love it, and my girl can’t stop touching my beard. This same girl insisted me to shave my beard off even three months back. I am grateful beyond words. This is amazing!


The beard butter by Maestros has done wonders for me. I really love the look of a beard but couldn’t ever keep it for a long time because it irritated my skin and got me all itchy. The longest time I’ve had a beard was for a month. But then this wonder product came in my life. I started using it, and in due time my beard felt better on the skin. I got more accustomed to my beard and started liking it. This product made my beard more soft and comfortable and definitely healthier. I am glad I started using this product.


Let’s Get into in-depth review 🙂

What is beard Butter?

So let us ask the real questions in this forum. What is beard butter? Why is beard butter? Beard and butter? WHAT? Well, beard butter is a thick and cream like moisturizing agent which doesn’t only tame your beard, but also makes the skin underneath it better. It nourishes and conditions the beard while simultaneously hydrating the skin. It is a perfect product for anyone who has an itchy and dry beard and therefore feels irritation by keeping a beard. Beard butter usually includes more natural ingredients such as shea butter, coconut oil and other very enriching and nourishing natural ingredients. It is suitable for your beard as well as your skin.

Beard Butter v/s Beard oil

For those who are wondering as to “why beard butter and why not beard oil?”, or rather, “why is beard butter better as an option than beard oil?”

Well, you see, beard oil is more fluid and is mainly used to the benefit of the beard and only the beard. On the other hand, beard butter is thicker, and the butter part is necessarily a conditioner that nourishes the beard as well as the skin. Beard butter is usually a mixture of many enriching natural kinds of butter like coconut and shea butter.

These natural butter are more comfortable to absorb by the skin, contain fatty acids which promote beard growth and is an abundant supply of vitamins for the skin. Shea butter itself is a very soothing and anti-inflammatory ingredient which soothes the skin very efficiently. Some Beard butter also carry wax. Beeswax to be specific.

This particular ingredient helps in giving your beard a better shape and contributes significantly in making the beard look more well kept. At this point, the finish of a beard oil must be mentioned as well. Beard oil usually leaves a very oily and shiny appearance on your beard. On the other hand, beard butter goes a more natural look.

So in conclusion, beard oil is good for grooming and beard butter is good for conditioning the beard. Beard oil is good for looking professional, and beard oil is good for a casual and natural look. Beard oil only takes care of beard, but beard butter takes care of the skin along with the beard. So it is pretty apparent as to which one is the better option here.

There is another honorable mention in the list which is beard balm. Beard balm somewhat lays midway between beard oil and beard butter. Beard balm is a lighter mix of similar beard butter but has oil-like properties as well. It is usually a confusing and fine sort of difference, but they are different products for different purposes.

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Maestro’s classic mark of a man beard butter

This is an innovative initiative taken by the brand. As it is one of the newest beard butter in the market. Its primary and most intriguing feature is that it is water-based. Unlike the other brands which use an oil base for their beard butter and isn’t it so that if we wanted beard butter and oil together, we would’ve gone for beard balm? It is light and frothy and fluffy. The butter dissolves as soon as it is applied on the beard and refreshes the skin, giving it a menthol-like feel of coolness. The beard butter Maestros have come up with also has unique ingredients which makes it stand a foot apart from other generic beard butter. The ingredients include carrier oils, wheat germ oil, and coconut oil as its main ingredients. These oils are for makes beard butter for growth an excellent option. It also abodes a blend of essential oils such as Mulberry Bark Extract and Abyssinica Seed Oil. The combination of these oils provides the beard with the nutrients and vitamins it needs to grow and at the same time conditions the beard without making it feel sticky or oily. Although that may be a drawback as it wouldn’t tame very rugged and wild beard. But it will make the beard extremely soft. Apart from these advantages, the beard oil also helps in preventing dandruff on the beard and soothes itchiness and dryness. The fragrance of the oil is mild and pleasant and does not overpower the natural essence of the beard. An overall fantastic beard butter that feels at its best. It is totally worth the money that is invested in it.

How to use beard butter?

Yet another crucial question that needs answering. Beard butter by far sounds like a very impressive product but what is the point of it being impressive if we don’t know how to use it at all? So, in order to use beard butter properly, Just follow the guidelines mentioned down below and get going!

Get a little amount of beard butter on your hands; Approximately two fingers worth of beard butter to be precise.

Rub it delicately all over your palms and make sure your hands are entirely coated with beard butter.

Rub it all over your beard and try to massage deep so that the butter reaches the skin. Because beard is exposed, and at the top, it gets its requirements fulfilled, but the skin beneath is deprived. Therefore make sure that it reaches the skin.

Make sure that the roots and hair follicles of the beards have gotten their share of beard butter as it helps in the dispersion of nutrition better. The end product is softer, smoother and better beard.

Use a wide-toothed comb to ensure that the beard butter is distributed evenly and equally throughout the beard. The combing also massages the skin and stimulates the beard growth.

Once it is done with, comb gently and usually like you would comb your beard to shape it up.

Make sure to wash your hands so that the oils from your hands are removed.

If these guidelines are followed on a daily basis, and one uses beard butter regularly, it is ensured that they will see noticeable results in due time.

How does beard butter work?

We now come to the science part of the article. How does beard butter work? Beard butter works by using its unique composition. It penetrates deep into your skin and effortlessly works for the development of your facial hair growth. Beard butter also helps in keeping issues such as dandruff and itchiness at bay if it is regularly used.

The beard butter also eliminates the rough, wired and curled up hair and transforms it to smooth, silky, healthy and better facial hair. This is the reason why the itchiness also decreases as the beard doesn’t feel rugged against the skin and works well for your face.

Some beard butter help in preventing rashes and skin infections that might be caused due to beards. Another very blessed property of beard butter is that it at times contains wax which helps in the beard holding its shape. It also is 100 percent organic and would not cause any irritation if one is not allergic. It is advisable to do a skin patch test before applying it full on all over. Beard butter are miraculous blessings for anybody and everybody who is a human male.

If you have a tough time keeping a beard, beard butter will make it easy for you. If you just want to groom your beard, it will take care of that. If you just like the cooling and nourishing properties of it, it shall serve that too while enhancing your facial hair further. It is a perfect gift to the male kind and is inevitably amazing!


Well, we finally come to the end of our beard butter review. You might come across a lot more beard butter reviews, but we assure you nothing would match the effort we have put in on it. We would love to hear from you! Let us know about your experience and give us feedback if you like. We are more than happy to help you too if you send us over your doubts and queries. We hope you find this article beneficial and get the information you needed. We leave this topic here today and will come back another day with another article for you. Goodbye and have an amazing day!

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