Rogaine Beard – Can You Really Grow Facial Hair With Rogaine?

What makes you a man from a boy? What makes a man look hunkier? The answer to both the questions is common and is certainly a no-brainer at all- beard of course…. Today with the world obsessed with the retro fashion growing beard has become very popular. After all you have to impress all those chicas!!! But growing beard is certainly a very hectic task. More often than not you, yes you the one who is reading this article, will be blessed with only a patchy semi-grown a beard despite your all attempts. So for all you guys, Rogaine is like a pathway to obtain a perfect beard.

Rogaine or Minoxidil as it is clinically known as is an over-the-counter scalp hair loss medication that helps in the simulation of the growth of new hair follicles and helps in the prevention of hair loss..

What is Rogaine all about?

Rogaine is a popular brand name for a clinically proven hair loss product that contains an active component known as Minoxidil. Minoxidil was initially used in the treatment of high blood pressure as it was considered as an anti-hypersensitive vasodilator and was given to the patients that cannot control their soaring high blood pressure with normal treatment. However there was a side effect albeit not a bitter one but a sweeter one – there was an increase in the hair growth all-round the body. More research on Minoxidil solutions was done and finally after years of research a brand name Rogaine emerged which produces hair growth oil that helps in the growth of beard. In 1988 FDA finally approved it as a hair growth product and was allowed to be sold commercially. It contains a mix of 2-5% Minoxidil and a carrier agent called propylene glycol.

How does Rogaine work?

Rogaine oil will help in the simulation of hair growth wherever you apply it- whether it is your face scalp, chest arms and even eyebrows. What happens that there are hair follicles all over our face but not every man have them all active. The patchy beard that grows over your face is the result of it. When you apply Rogaine beard oil over it, the hair follicles become active and you can grow bushier and even beard.

It is different from other beard products as it doesn’t inflict any hormonal change but stimulates blood circulation and as a result the hormones responsible for hair growth progress. It acts as a potassium channel opener that in actual acts as a stimulator for blood circulation for the hair follicles and thus brings more hormones and the nutrients towards the root of the hair and hence they grow thicker and faster.

Technicalities involved in the working of Rogaine beard growth oil….

There are three phases in the growth of hair- Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen. It is the Anagen phase that in actual promotes the hair growth. If the Anagen phase is shortened then as a result there can be hair loss disorders. So the use of Rogaine beard oil lengthens the Anagen phase of hair growth. The stimulation of an enzyme called Prostaglandin Synthase which is very essential for the growth of hair is secreted in abundance by the body and thus the growth of beard is promoted.

How to use Rogaine for beard growth?

Rogaine beard products are usually available in two variants- Liquid Rogaine and Foam Rogaine.

Here’s how to use Liquid Rogaine….

First of all you have to Wash face thoroughly. Use your face wash or soap as you wish or even plain water would also serve the purpose.

Measure out 1ml* of the Liquid Rogaine solution with the included dropper and fill it to the measured line.

Now put some small drops onto your face only in the area that you wanna grow the beard until the applicator is empty. If your face is already very wet and there is still the solution left in the dropper then go to step 4 and repeat step 3 again.

Rub the solution in gently with a little bit of pressure using your two fingers or even the dropper itself will do.

Now wash hands thoroughly with soap.

Now if you are using Foam Rogaine, you have to follow following steps…..

First of all wash face thoroughly with a face wash or soap recommended by your dermatologist.

Clean your fingers with cold water. The foam will dissolve quickly if your hands are warm so you have to get them all very cool and nice.

Turn the can upside down so that the head of the can is in fact directed toward the ground. Squeeze out the foam on your fingers until it appears the amount can fill half of the cap. This will be approximately equal to 1ml.

Using your other hand that is also cold and nice and take some of the foam and start applying it to the beard area. Apply it till it covers the entire area.

Wash hands thoroughly with soap.

In fact it is very easy to apply and there are no technicalities involved so you need not worry. Leave the mask as it is for about 4 hours. After four hours you can rinse and wash your face and can apply some face lotion if needed.

How long do you have to use Rogaine Beard treatment?

With no apparent side effects, in fact it is solely your journey that is going to govern the duration of your Rogaine beard treatment. Once you have your beard grown to your desire, you can stop using it. The safest bet is to continue to use it until your beard grows terminal.


Here are some of the users of Rogaine products and their reviews after using it…

Jordan, 22 Years

Hi everyone! I am Jordon from Ontario. I was very depressed as despite my every attempt I was unable to grow a perfect beard. Then one day a friend of mine told me about Rogaine. I used it for four weeks 1-2 ml every day and the result was a perfect beard. Extremely effective and affordable. Love it.

Kevin, 23 Years

Hello! I am Kevin from Long Island. Despite my age I had not a spot of beard on my face. My self-confidence had hit an extreme low. Then one day my family doctor told me about Rogaine and gave me directions to use it. And within a few days of using it I had a perfect beard. Today my friends envy me of my beard.

Ben, 24 years

Hey everyone, I am Ben from the capital state. My girlfriend always wanted his bf should be all hunky, muscular with a perfect beard. But I on a stark contrast had not a single patch of hair on my face. So we always fought over the issue. Everything has changed since I started using Rogaine. Today I have a better and stronger relationship with my girlfriend.

Lewis, 21 years

Hey this is Lewis from New Mexico. I always wanted to have a perfect beard since my teenage. I tried different medications to achieve it but all futile. Then one day my best friend told me about Rogaine. I immediately went to the nearby chemist and used the treatment as prescribed. And everything changed within a week. Now I am a lot happier than before.

So wanna grow a perfect beard? Try Rogaine products now and fulfill your desire to grow a perfect beard….

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